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After sale service promise
1, quality assurance: the factory shall provide the original equipment according to the requirements of the configuration list to ensure the quality, performance and technical parameters of the product to meet the requirements of the factory.
2, the installation of goods: after the arrival of the equipment, the plant is responsible for the safety of the equipment to be removed to the buyer's designated place.
In the ten working days, the factory shall arrange the installation and commissioning of the engineers and technicians, and bear all the expenses that have occurred.
3, warranty time: the factory agreed that the equipment from the acceptance of qualified normal use day, the whole machine system free warranty period of 12 months.
4, maintenance commitment: the manufacturer and the supplier jointly issued the warranty period commitment, and responsible for the life-long service of the equipment.
5, the response time: equipment failure engineer warranty, the response time is less than 2 hours to respond, at the time less than 48 hours; and provide maintenance fixed telephone number 400.
6. Random data: provide a complete set of operation instructions randomly.
7. Spare parts supply: the maximum supply time of the spare parts is not more than one week, and the spare parts are guaranteed for more than 2 years after the product is stopped.
8, spare parts price: not higher than the same product of similar products in the same period.
9, start rate: 98%.
10, regular maintenance: during the warranty period, regular maintenance and maintenance of the equipment.
11, maintenance fee: warranty maintenance, charge maintenance costs, maintenance fees at the same holidays.
12, technical training: responsible for providing free user training in equipment operation, maintenance personnel for a period of formal equipment operation, maintenance and other content training.

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