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What are the characteristics of the digital colposcope

edit:Digital colposcopeSource of time:2018-01-25

Digital colposcopy is an advanced diagnostic instrument with advanced diagnostic system in the field of medical diagnostics function become more and more apparent, digital and network technology to adapt to the modern medical industry market development, but also to meet the requirements of the examination on the reproductive system of the medical industry, digital colposcopy is different from the traditional optical colposcope, it is more sensitive. The level of scientific screening of high disease, so, what are the characteristics of digital colposcopy?
Small first volume, easy to locate
Digital colposcopy has the advantages of small volume, convenient location, small volume and increased the detection range, it uses the level of the joint steering technology, can be carried out smoothly in turn genital to genital, deep exploration, and can also be fixed point detection for intelligent diagnosis, convenient disease.
Second built-in images can be output in real time
The built-in digital colposcopy image from the detected image to generate the output link, no time difference can be real-time image transmission, real-time output characteristics of built-in image can improve the probability of finding the underlying disease, at the same time, digital colposcopy also has the function of filtering, the image can be used to build the preliminary filter, white balance control.
Third printable fluorescent images
Digital colposcopy can not only detect diseases in real time, but also print fluorescent images. During printing, it will not reduce the resolution of image or cause image loss. It can print out fluorescent images in a clear and complete way.
Fourth recording time
The recording time of the digital colposcope is longer than that of the traditional inspection instrument, and its recording time can be extended by more than 1.5 times.
Fifth hysteroscopic imaging analysis
The most prominent characteristic of digital colposcopy with hysteroscopy imaging analysis, it can be said that it has a dual-purpose machine, which can detect and image can be analyzed and preliminary diagnosis and treatment, which can effectively improve the level of diagnosis and treatment of development, but also facilitate the later disease judgment.
Sixth fluorescence diagnosis
Digital colposcopy also has the function of fluorescence diagnosis. It can diagnose diseases under fluorescence condition, and detect the pathogenic factors and causes of disease scientifically from cytology.
The above is the characteristics of digital colposcopy can be said that it represents the level of China's science and technology development and the progress of medical standards, it also has the function of image contrast, can be a complete contrast image, compared with other kinds of fluorescent images of white light image, convenient medical diagnosis and treatment and judgment the function of image processing, strong is another feature of digital colposcopy.